PRALCA is located in Santa Rita, Zulia State, Eastern Coast of Lake Maracaibo, in an area of 30,000 M2. Our marine cargo terminal is located in the Punta Camacho, area neighboring the plant. This location facilitates the interface with the El Tablazo Petrochemical Complex and the existing businesses in that area.

This geographical location complemented with the established plants in that area, is the determining factor for industrial development in this zone of Zulia State.

Av. Pedro Lucas Urribarri, Sector Punta Camacho,
Santa Rita, Edo. Zulia. Venezuela 4020

Master Tel: +58 264 9901111
Fax: +58 264 9341037

Sales Tel: +58 264 9341927 / 9342175 / 9341136 / 9342566
Sales Fax: +58 264 9342432


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